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how do you post photos on here?

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  • how do you post photos on here?

    anyone please tell me how to post a photo on this site, thanx


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    The photos have to be hosted somewhere on the web, then you use the following.

    [i m g] "the url to the photo" [/i m g]

    removing the spaces


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      thanx cliff



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        These are not my instructions, They're from other members (Evan & Joel) who replied to an to a similar posting. I happened to use them for the first time today and they worked flawlessly.

        Photobucket Instructions

        First go to and create an account. They will email you a confirmation link. Visit that link to activate your account.

        1) You will need to scan prints or load your digital images to your computer. They should be resized to about 800 pixels wide or less and saved as jpg files. When you save as a jpg file you usually have the option to save at different quality levels. Avoid using high quality level as the file size increases greatly.

        When you have your images ready, log on to your photobucket account. There you will see a page with a box in the middle that is labeled "Add Picture" with a button beside it labeled "Browse". The Browse button allows you to look on your computer for the image you wish to upload to photobucket. When you find it select it with the mouse and click the "Open" button. Then, on the photobucket page, check the "keep my picture names" box if you wish. Click the "Submit" button. This will upload your picture to your image gallery on photobucket.

        The picture will appear as a thumbnail and below the thumbnail is a link to the picture. Click in the link to place the cursor there and press CTRL and "A" at the same time to highlight the link. Then right click with the mouse and select "copy".

        Now you can create a new post in this forum and insert the link by right clicking and selecting "Paste".

        That's it. If you wish to create a link to the entire gallery then copy the link to photobucket (your gallery) in the web browser address bar and paste it into the posting. As an example here is a link to my gallery:

        Joel Member posted 10-22-2003 02:52 AM

        Quoted by Paul Alciatore:
        One additional note to add to Evan's excellent instructions:

        There are three links or addresses below each picture on Photobucket: URL, Tag and IMG. The URL can be copied and pasted into a post but it will need to be clicked to allow a new browser window to open and show the picture.

        The picture will appear in the post if the IMG is copied and pasted into the post and the reader will not need to click and wait.

        An additional note: Please be sure to resize the picture with your photo editing software to a width of about 700 pixels. This prevents people from having to scroll across the page to read the posts.
        Ed Pacenka


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          egpace, many thanx



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            <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by billyboy:
            egpace, many thanx

            Just tell me you're not going to post a picture of the yorkshire pudding.
            Ed Pacenka


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              Great info guys, thanks....I've been wondering how to post pics!

              Question: How does the Photbucket thing work? Do they give you the storage space free? If so how do they support you get bombarded with pop-up ads & stuff after registering? Just being cautious before I jump in. I see a lot of posters here using it so it must be cheap or sponsored by someone.

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                That photo bucket is easy as pie.
                Copy the image # over there, paste it here and there you go.


                Haven't billed me yet but suspect they will when I get to my free limit.

                Thanks for the shot Andy.



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                  That's a good one Kap, haven't seen that one yet.



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                    egpace, i had to post a piccy of a yorkie coz somebody thought they used them to make beef sandwiches he he



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                      I believe that photobucket does ask for a donation as an option, not required.
                      Don\'t ask me to do a dam thing, I\'m retired.