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Gerstner "International" chests - any good?

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  • Gerstner "International" chests - any good?

    Hello group:

    What's the scoop on the Gerstner International import tool boxes? Has anyone seen one in the flesh? Are they any good? Seems KBC has one advertised in their latest sale flyer. Thanks for your comments.

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    I saw them at the IMTS show in Chicago. Looked ok but didn't spend alot of time comparing them. They were in a seperate, but right beside, booth from the regular Gerstner chests.

    I assume "international" is corporate BS for China


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      D. Thomas basically nailed it on the head with that one. It is the stuff they have decided to make overseas. In my honest opinion it's not an original gerster, just a nameplate on an import.


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        General does the same thing with their woodworking tools, the top of the line ones are badged General, made in Quebec, and their imports are badged General International.

        As far as I can tell their international line is the same stuff as several other tool makers chinese tools.