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  • Expo meeting update

    OK guys it looks like 12 of us are up for the meeting, scheduled for 11:30 AM Sat. in the snack area between the display halls. As in the previous meeting I will be wearing a dark green shirt with the John Deere logo. And as before will have gifts for everyone attending the meeting. Question is, do you prefer a JD cap or a JD key chain? please advise if you have a pref. Also, Frank, thanks for your help in securing a meeting room, any luck ? And as to your offer to bring sone copies of projects I personally think it would be a good idea.

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    Excellent. I will once again be the grey-bearded overweight guy with bifocals, which should make me easy to pick out in the crowd.

    Cecil, I'd love another JD hat. The last one became the Official Cleanup Uniform of the tropical storm Gaston flood aftermath here (*still* an ongoing project, I'll try to remember to bring a couple of pix). And yeah, collecting projects is like collecting tools: you can never have too many....

    See y'all Sat.



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      ooooh, i'll be there and i'll take a hat. i can wear it while i'm working on the old Farmall F-14.

      well, there IS an old JD D waiting to get in there once the F-14 is out.

      andy b.
      The danger is not that computers will come to think like men - but that men will come to think like computers. - some guy on another forum not dedicated to machining


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        Sorry gang, I didn't get a response as to any available time in the seminar/auction room. I'm going to have to start earlier for the next show to possibly get arangements made.

        I'll take a cap, please.

        Project prints:
        Paper Punch
        Tool Makers Vise
        Center Finder (wiggler)
        I have 12 copies of each. If you think we need more let me know by Wed. pm. I can always get more Thur. I will be leaving Fri. a.m.

        I'm just about finished with my new project for this show.

        See you there,


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          I'll be there. I don't have a JD hat.
          I do have grey hair, a grey beard and a grey camera.

          To those considering coming:
          It's a great show. Lots of fantastic projects, a chance to talk to the guys who built these machines, and a chance to ask those machining questions that you have been wondering about. Everyone is VERY willing to talk about their projects.

          Also lots of vendors selling machinery, tooling, plans and parts. I always kick myself for not bringing more $$.

          Here is a link to some pictures of the talent on display at these shows. The "Cabin Fever" show is much larger and better attended than the pictures here (Iron Fever, summer of 2004).
          I hope that my camera battery holds out through the show.


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            Hi Cecil;
            I'm looking forward to another hat. The first one went to my grandaughter. She's eighteen and handles their horses at the farm where they board them. My daughter,her Mother, would like to have this one.
            Looking forward to the show and meeting the guys again.


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              I thought I might try to make it to the snack bar area on the appointed day and time. I would vote for a hat.