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  • busy in the shop

    I restarted my locomotive project month ago to a smaller scale, man, leaded steel cuts soo nicely. These are right off my 64 year old southbend, no polishing has been done, they still need some more machining done.

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    Man, those are pretty...

    I've got bits and pieces of a Tich around here I work on periodically - some day I'll finish it...

    Very nice.

    Noticed the red colour - that layout dye?



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      thats a laser sight used for minature steam applications and spotting aircraft...jim


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        Do you know of anyone that has actually "finished" (noticed the finished) Kozo Hiraoko's Pennsy A3 project that "also" (noticed the also) has a website? I've contacted numerous folks but no one seems to know of one. I know Ed Hume has completed it but no website.


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          Smoke Daddy, I participate and also happen to be the moderator on Discover Live Steams message board, but I never seen that book myself, so probably wasn't me. I've seen Ed Humes A3 as well, looks very nice.
          Well, I have a good theory as to why the people who have a web page have not finished the locomotive, and those who finished it dont have a web page. I spent so much time updating that darn web page, it took serious time out of actually working on the locomotive. I find it much easier to simply post updates on the forum once in awhile, either that or make a very simple webpage that doesnt require 4 or 5 different pages to be updated with 1 update.

          Yes, thats Dykem Red. This time around, I decided to use dividers and to mark out the area to be cut out. Much quicker than using the dials. Would of been much quicker if I had 2 dividers.

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            Very nice work. I've heard that locomotives were once built using only calipers, no micrometers...


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              Nice job Bill,yes I love leaded steel too,after working crappy cold rolled all day it's a treat to tear up some 12l14 or 3003 aluminum

              I love Kozo's articles,he is a master.Learned a lot from his silver soldering article in LS too.I can only hope to write and draw as good as he does.

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              I just need one more tool,just one!


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                Nice work bill,
                I like using 12l14 for all my steeld needs.
                It really does turn smooth finishs.
                I've notices the plans and looks like a big book, says "when fixing wheels on the..."
                was wondering are these casting kits, like steam engines, or are these blueprints supply your own materials, and build from scratch kits. Looks like a great hobby to keep ya busy for quite some time there.

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                  Nice work Bill! Keep us posted how it goes.


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                    thanks guys