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    Today, I had the pleasure of attending the Cabin Fever Expo in York, PA. I took lots of pics, and thought I would share them with you guys that couldn't make it. It is quite amazing what some of these guys are capable of turning out. I met lots of great people. Thanks to Cecil and Frank for getting a group of guys together. It was really nice to put a face with some of the names on the board.

    Anyway, here is a link to the album where the pics are. BTW...two pages worth.
    Arbo & Thor (The Junkyard Dog)

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    Great pictures. I was up there too. I wandered into the concession area but whether I had the wrong time or what I didn't see any one else. I had a good time. I missed old Rudy! Quite a collection of talented people. Sorry I missed you, see you next time at Iron Fever in the summer. Fred


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      Any comments on the auction? Or what the dealers had to offer? Good or bad?


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        yes, it was nice meeting you guys! i was at the show last year, and for some reason i only remember one small shaper for sale. this year there was one everywhere i looked!!! all the models still amaze me with their detail. Polskifran had a bunch of cool stuff, including a little steam cylinder about the size of a pencil eraser. a special thanks to Cecil for the hats (and directing me to a 4-jaw chuck)! i'm going to try and get to the summer show, otherwise i'll see you guys again next January.

        andy b.
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          Great photos, thanks for posting them. I wish that I could have seen that miniature machine shop up close.

          Can you put some names with the faces in the group photo?
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            My thanks also for the photos. They're great......



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              Arbo,Thanks for sharing.
              Les H.
              Les H.
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                Thanks Arbo,

                Paul G.
                Paul G.


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                  Thanks for posting more pics. I need a little more practice with my new camera.