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    Well I just completed the bench test on my new VFD. The Manual that came with the Hitachi drive is amazing! Athough the capabilities of this thing is far past my needs. And these capabilities are reflected in the size of the manual, I was actually able to understand how to program the thing.
    A real kick turning the little pot on the VFD and watching the motor shaft!
    I still have to mount the motor on my mill drill. I would be interested in what "gear in" speed experienced users have found best to minimize future belt movement.
    Thanks to all for the initial advice I received before I bought the gear.

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    Well, my mill has a two-speed motor. Normally I leave it set on the low speed and leave the belt set so the VFD will give me speeds from about 260 rpm to 1550 rpm. (That's 10 Hz to 60 Hz frequency.) That seems to cover "normal" use. If I'm using a boring head I'll shift the belt down so I can get slower speeds, or if I'm using teeny end mills I'll switch to high motor speed to get me up to about 3500 rpm. I could probably reset the VFD so it goes up to 120Hz, then I would never need to change the motor speed switch.
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