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A taste of CnC Mach2 and thanks to CCW

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  • A taste of CnC Mach2 and thanks to CCW

    This is one of the WIZARDS in Mach2, as you can maybe see in the fuzzy picture you just enter your variables and it Writes the Gcode for you. Zoom, (I like that) Easy (I like that)

    In this instance, a set of 5 radial holes had to be drilled in a hub for a profile grinder I am building, Zoom easy..

    And the new way I organized my tooling right next to my mill. Zoom, no steps.

    And the Waa-Waa pedal I hooked to the inverter, plug, activation foot switch today Thanks To CCWKEN, I owe you a beer, coffee, lunch as long as it ain't a steak. I changed as you might can see the pot into a 5k and of course the bottom switch was bad, so I had to add a old tattoo switch beside it. When It is done with this project it'll be shifted over to the Power Hammer I am building next week, variable speed via CCW-WAAA-WAA pedal.

    Down now for the eve, the profile grinder gets tested tomorrow. Motor runs at .431RPM, I bumped the inverter up to 180hz.. (cheating) It took longer to program the inverter than to wire it.


    David Cofer, Of:
    Tunnel Hill, North Georgia

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    Have you seen some of the new wizards for Mach 2 /3 ?
    Nice one for doing thread milling and one out but needs tweaking for doing splines or gear cutting with a formed cutter.

    Brian Barker at the University of Maine is doing some nice work with these conversational screens.

    John S.

    Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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      John: I got into the argument there in the Yahoo Mach2 room, Mach2 was getting too complex to work properly. Art since then has redone the whole os inside Mach2, hence the Mach3. He is a very smart man. Playing sounds and other cpu time eating things may be cool but the end result is cutting metal.

      I am running 6.1 here on the shop machine. LOVE THE WIZARDS, about 75% of my work is done by them, I just load the stock and setup the machine and press the go-button.

      The Ipac4 keyboard emulator board, working great. I got a arcade joystick w.4 micro cherry type switches in it, a cntrl button, a Alt button Shift, and S, R, F and a few more that slip my mind. It runs all the screen functions except starting the spindle. The Reset is a function of two buttons, the Zaxis up/down is two of the common screen buttons that have dual functions too. Rock and roll and Newcastle brown all the way. You could build a whole I/o with the emulator, but it is dependent on software, and I only trust real hardwire estops.

      I am relaxing, going to sit with Carrol a bit.. See ya.


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        Yes, it cuts perfect circles, outside the shop where the sparks will not affect my machines.



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          Ah shucks.

          Hey, that looks like MY engine picker and stand in the yard! I see you're copying my storage techniques too.

          I really need a bigger shop.


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            CCW: I could've used you around here.. You know that fancy TennSmith slip roll I put together with the variable speed drive, the two pedals forward and backwards.

            The hood I wanted to build to go over the plasma cutter is the trash piece screwed to the barrel. Evidently I forgot all I knew about slip rolls.

            I was quite upset. Fancy machine, poor craftsmanship. I can't stand to fail at anything. I was trying to roll a cone. Ended up rolling a tight wrap I had to hammer on the railroad iron just to flatten out enough to put on the trash barrel as a backstop. (I got it out of the junkpile where I throwed it)

            Bead roller is next week. I got this light weight air motor and a air joystick, chain reduction. The table with the slip roll is just too cluttered to use.

            Some days are diamonds, others stones. Mental outlook is what makes people victorious or failures.

            Note the Channel with the eye the motor is bolted to? I have welded it to over two dozen front end clips, lifted them with a chainfall into place under the car, cut the original frame out trimming a little at a time till it just fit, this allows access to the underside of the car with no jacks in the way.. (shop note #3)


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              Been butt welding sheet metal for years. Went to weld a perfectly fabbed hood extention on the tractor I'm building and Pissssst... Big freaking hole where metal should be.

              Forgot that I had the MIG set to weld on the frame.


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                Ever try using copper bus bar as a back-up? It helps keep the metal from dropping out.

                I had a copper dolly somewhere, not used it in years. About time to pull out and look for. I had about forty feet of copper buss, then this friend of mine, hey, can I have that.. Hey, can I have that, Hey, Can I have that.. Hey.. (bart SImpson routine) and to shut him up I gave it to him. I knew he'd leave then in peace and go get drunk.

                I got to cut some dovetails today on the mill. MEans I have to disturb the "head" and then put it back right. Last time I used a square to reset it. I painted over all the dials (covered in vaseline) So I get to scrape some first.

                But, I got this "rusty" metal brake that goes into a pirahna ironworker that'll bend 1/2" steel. I need it today. So dovetails it is today to adapt it. If I don't do anything else right today I have to do that. The more hurry I get into the more I screw up. SO, nice and easy, eat me a bisquit and good breakfast.