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    Sandy H;
    dont kid yourself. all those planes are leased and the majority of that capital is written off.
    these guys arent losing money, they just arent at the target they want. those airlines make their money on freight, passengers are profit pure and simple.
    McDonnell~Douglas leased everything they could. and invested in everything else. they were a major stockholder in Caterpillar, funny they would staff the Cat strike and the MDAC-St. Louis strike placing over 20,000 people during the strikes in '95~'96...jim


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      quote:Originally posted by matador:
      " is that a new version of the "guppy",those monsters that were built to carry concorde fuselage sections?"

      "Like to have one of those on Floats......"

      Looks to me like it IS a float!
      Just needs some outrigger pontoons under the wings and you got a flying boat.
      Might want the wing a bit higher, but that's trivial


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        <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Sailor:
        Like to have one of those on Floats......</font>
        That's the last thing we need.. Another Tsunami evertime this thing lands on water.



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          <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by matador:
          is that a new version of the "guppy",those monsters that were built to carry concorde fuselage sections?

          Saturn rocket boosters methinks...


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            Airbust huh? Hope they used better glue on the vertical stab this time.
            I just need one more tool,just one!


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              Isn't it amazing, that the airlines are "making money" and still can file bankruptcy?
              Pretty hard to hide $$$$$$$$$ profits and claim megabuck loses.


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                The 380 is not going to be used much inside
                the US. There are very few routes that
                need 500 passenger haulouts at a time. Not
                that there aren't any but most are too short
                a haul for a behemoth like that. It will
                wipe out the 747 in the mid and fareast
                where they load up huge planeloads and fly
                to Europe and US. The demand for this
                monster will be for intercontinental and
                transoceanic flights. Steve


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                  Yep, can't wait to see it at JFK.


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                    boomer,i think you're right.i must be getting confused,middle age creeping up .the concorde sections were sent by road in oversize semitrailers.(from france to england).


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                      Apparently it is already presold to at least seven different airlines. I saw a bit on it on Discovery channel tonite. The lower wing skin is made from a single piece of billet aluminum which is vacuum formed under heat. There is some very serious new machining technology used in the production of this beast.
                      Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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                        Putting some numbers to it:

                        Seating: Typical 416 (max 524)
                        Cruising speed: 0.855 Mach
                        Flight range: 13,450km

                        Seating: Typical 555 (max 840)
                        Cruising speed: 0.85 Mach
                        Flight range: 15,000km

                        Production A380:
                        116 firm orders (including 17 freighters) (July 2003). Airbus has forecast a market for approx 1235 airliners of 400 seats and above through to 2020. First deliveries in early 2006.
                        Estimated cost of each plane: $220m-250m

                        Some additional information:



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                          the airlines are filing for reorganization so they can rewrite the existing contracts with more profitmaking contracts at the expense of the pilots and stewartess unions.
                          more union-busting under the "threat" of going bankrupt...jim


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                            JIM. TWO OR MORE airlines are NOW in bankruptcy.
                            Being retired from Untied airlines I am reasonably certain that they have been in bankruptcy for two years.
                            As for busting union contracts, yes indeed, this one of there uppermost desires.
                            Working on aircraft or components, you sign off everything you touch, but soon, Wal-mart will be paying more, lack of skilled people = crashes.
                            Years ago, Valu-Jet was the darling of Wall Street, til there crash, resulting from the loading of OXY. Generators, also low priced. (a maintanence concern).

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                              I read a recent WSJ article describing Southwest, which consistently pays higher salaries than its competition but makes money... something about being efficient.

                              My gut feel is the airlines would do a lot better if they worked with the unions on increasing operational efficiencies rather than doing business as usual and just trying to cut labor costs by reducing salaries.

                              Of course, that would involve management seeing the workers as part of the solution rather than the problem...

                              - Bart
                              Bart Smaalders


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                                I like Jet Blue, great airline!