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One shot oiling meetering Bridgeport

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  • One shot oiling meetering Bridgeport

    I am looking for oiling system information for a Bridgeport series 1 CNC (1976).

    I would greatly appreciate any info on the oil meters. What size (flow rating) are feeding each user etc.

    I am having problems in the upper end (2 speed gear, ball screw and quill bushing) area. I think the previous owner messed with them.
    They look like this.

    Does aneyone know what the numbers on them mean?
    Thank you. Stephen

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    Well I'll hazard a guess on the numbers. If they are anything like carb jets the number refers to the pin drill size of the hole. You might check this by inserting the blank end of a pin drill of the appropriate size through the hole. I'm may be wrong, just guessing, either way I'm interested as I also have a Series I CNC.

    -Christian D. Sokolowski


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      I was in the process of taking one apart and lost some parts. The meter I think has an orifice with a pin through it, rubber check valve, spring, screen, and felt for a filter. The spring went sproing that's when lost it ( I really hate it when that happens ). One has a 3 another has a 3/0.
      If you have the time you should check all the oiling points.
      I had the table off to clean and found about 4 not flowing to the ways. Was able to clean them with air and break clean to restore flow.

      I am in the process of disabling the oil flow to the 3 upper points. I am running 3 separate lines out, will put a check valve on each end and oil manually with an oil gun. That way I will know the 3 points are getting oil. I would like to keep the oiling system origional but cannot find any info on it.
      Keep me posted if you find out anything and I will do the same.
      Thanx Stephen


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        Those are meter units. The numbers are the amount of oil that they dispense, each increase in number is doubling of the previous size. They are not serviceable, if they don't work they must be replaced. You can them from a Bijur distributor, or look in the MSC catalog in the lubrication section.