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Relay contacts - a little OT

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  • Relay contacts - a little OT

    Relay contacts are silver,right. Silver is metal, right. This is a metal forum, right. OK, I have saved relay contacts for years, figured they were silver and could always be turned into a refiner for cash. Any of you guys have a place that takes them? I have a good sized handful that I would like to get rid of. Thanks, John

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    Not all relay contacts are silver, the contacts could be Gold, palladium, tugnsten, nickel or even mercury see:

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      I sat for days cutting relays open and snipping off the contact pads from relays. It was a nasa cabinet full of "viking Memory exerciser" ice cube type 4 pole relays.

      Talk about boring, but it paid off in the thousands for my employer then in the early 80s. All them were solid gold.

      It was a beautiful job, all the wiring laced in with catgut. All the 33 guage wires bent perfectly. Now looking back I didn't appreciate it.

      Industrial silver is worth very very little thou. Kinda hearbreaking. I saved relay contactst thinking I would be able to melt them down, bought a coffee pot smelter (*electromelt) I ended up throwing the bucket away after the first pour. Really ugly castings with lots if inclusions and trash. I have thought of building several of the small smelters like that thou. Simple easy to use for really small projects, just plug it in and melt, and pour like a coffee urn.