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bearings for english wheel

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  • bearings for english wheel

    Someone mentioned in a past post that bearings are very important...what is suggested from someone who has made the mistake of the wrong bearings (or those that have good bearings that get used quite a bit)


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    Hey Jacob, good to see ya over here! No one at MM or MS knows?

    Any of the popular single row angular contact bearings will do the job. They are usually marketed as motor or pump bearings. (R10, R12) They should be a snug fit in the dies. What's more important is that your axles are also a tight fit in the bearing bore. They can't be loose or sloppy. (Unlike some builders, who I won't mention, use bolts for axles.) This keeps the dies from rocking and sliding back and forth on the axles.

    You'll want to use bores of at least 5/8" if you have a stiff frame. 3/4" is a better choice. This puts the bearing capacity up where the compression loads are. (About 2-3+ tons on some.) If you have a flexable frame, 1/2" bores will do.

    Forgot to mention:
    If money is no object or you're building a "monster" frame, use double row angular contact bearings with at least 1" bores.

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      Trailer bearings from Harbor fright. Are as smoothe as ... well I won't go into that. Seems 1 5/8"?? on the outside for the ones I used last time? 1" inside. or was that 7/8" axle??

      I like em, I have used the go cart bearings in the past (3.95 pair) and have some wheels with them pressed in 5/8" stub. My frame is 2x4 x .188 wall tubing and it sings.. Maybe the sorry bearings I use.

      as for the axle, cheap? use a cut off shoulder bolt for the axle. Hard metal, hard to cut with a saw. I grind a flat on one side to set into a slot on my yoke.

      My wheel is getting a refit, a Power-hammer added to it.. SO FAR, it looks like a do-able project for anyone who wants to smoothe and shape fast. It uses a motor/speed control, gearbox, 4 foot shaft, eccentric, and go cart wheel/tire for the up/down. To make it hammer harder put more air in the tire. I added some pads to the wheel to bolt it down, added in the CCW's waa-waa pedal for speed control.

      See recent post for foot control.

      Ideal is to stop my triple-outa place, torn rotacuff, four times broken collar bone, deltoid muscle pulled, arthuritus aching shoulder from getting any worse with the swingin the hammer. I like to "beat the heck outa my panel with a sandbag and hammer and just use the wheel to fix my "ugly".

      If you have never experienced the 4" needle full of steroids and Lidocaine going into your shoulder feel lucky. It feels "cold" after your eyes quit watering. Then feels like someone greased your joint. (martial arts, motorcycle riding, and a rough life in general) Look on the bright side thou, Lots of the guys I knew from the 70s are not hurtin, they are dead. (*had too much fun, you know like Elvis did)


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        This may interest you.............
        To invent, you need a good imagination - and a pile of junk. Thomas A. Edison