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  • Harig Spin Jig

    I have a new harig spin jig. I wish to make a motor drive for it. Im sick of manually spinning it while grinding punches for weeks at a time. It should spin at 100 RPM. Any ideas on how to do this cheap and nice. Thanx a lot.

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    check out the surplus places like C&H sales, the have lots of small gear head motors that should work for this.


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      Hi Madman
      I built my shaft grinding fixture using a sewing machine motor and a large "O" ring for a belt,something like this should work for you.

      Ivy McNeil


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        I got some 75 rpm synchronous motors laying about, They are supposed to drive the sewing fabric across a industrial sewing machine. You need a capacitor and resistor to make them go. They are reversible. Stalling them out does not hurt them.

        bad news, they are 250oz power. If that is not enough well..

        I did the torch cutting circles thing the other day, used a expensive inverter, 3ph motor w/ 0.431 rpm output .. NOW you can listen to the birds while that thing is coming around.. BUT, I put a plug on the dropcord for the inverter/speed control and foot switch for the next project..

        Email me if I can help with one of the small motors. I want one on my knee on my mill. Up/down.. Trying to figure out how to tell the computer how to run it up and down and remember where it is thou. Hate to buy another chinese scale..



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          Looks good - excellent idea too - the sewing machine motors are easy to contol and cheap as dirt. Not too water tight, but if you are careful that is not a problem.

          Nicely done!


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            Thanks Thrud I built it to grind bearing journals on model engine crankshafts .



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              Ivy Mc Neil your fixture is very nice. I like your design, simple and very nicely made. I am going to use a cogged type belt and pulley arrangement to prevent slippage. Some of the punches I grind have a Lot of time in them. Nothing worse than finally finishing something and bunging it up at the last finish op. LOL I have had the pleasure of all types of screwups but thats how you learn, You guys are awesome dudes. Thankyou all. Time to shut er down up at 6 am for more work. Take care all. Madman