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Civil war era firearms

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  • Civil war era firearms

    Anyone have a link to or have drawings of Civil War era firearms?
    Interested in reproducing pistols or rifle?
    The Gibbs carbine looks particularly interesting.

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    Like this ? I'm interested in building a kit . I don't think there are any Gibbs kits . A fairly new kit is available , a Blunderbuss ARRGG! For me though I would like to build this

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      That's the one. I was attracted to this particular one because unlike a lot of other breech loaders, the breech block is fairly small and looks machinable from bar stock. Other carbines of the era have large cast breech blocks that would be a bear to machine.
      From what I can see so far, most of the parts look doable from bar stock.
      Probably need a mockup to work out the sliding/tipping barrel and linkages.


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        The Burnside , I just showed this because it shows more parts .


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          Notice that the Burnside had the large cast receiver that would require a great deal of machining from bar stock.
          That's what I'm trying to avoid.


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            gosh, why not go to a pawn shop and find a old trapdoor, take it home, re-barrel it, tighten up the door, and, Voila !!!


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              Already have one of those from 1880. Still need to shoot it though i have 20 black powder rounds ready and waiting.