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Burnside carbine build

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  • Burnside carbine build

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Name:	image_7419.gif
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ID:	1853193 So here's the start of my Burnside carbine build.
    Acquired a receiver and barrel so the hardest parts are already done.
    Bore needs a bit of a cleaning but in general looks very good considering its age.

    Attachment is just the breechblock so far, not yet dimensioned but full sized. Sorry for the GIF format but that's all the attachment limit would allow.
    Will probably have to break up the drawing into several separate sheets of different views since there are so many details to dimension.
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    It looks interesting. Thanks for sharing.
    At the end of the project, there is a profound difference between spare parts and extra parts.

    Location: SF East Bay.


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      I'll probably use Sharps lock parts from Dixie as well as the Sharps lock is very similar to the Burnside's. There are a few fiddly parts that could be made the innards will not be seen and I'm not going for an absolute reproduction.


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        Still working on the drawings.

        Have most of them finished, doing custom screws now. Need those for the existing holes in the receiver which are oddball threads, close to SAE but a tad looser.

        Also researching casting as I'm thinking of casting the lever parts, trigger and breech block parts from silicon bronze. Should be plenty strong since this is a black powder gun.

        Probably try lost wax investment casting as I've done lost foam aluminum casting in the past.


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          Have some magnesium bronze scrap bars for the castings. Thinking of having one of the art casting places in the area so the actual casting with my raw materials and patterns.
          Probably easier than making a casting setup (and cheaper).