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    Due to waiting for a knee replacement, I haven't been able to go out hunting much. Soooo, a Bug-A-Salt gun has become my new goto weapon of choice. Death on yellow jackets and hornets. Used to pot them as they came in for water from the porch fountain, have now gotten pretty good on wing shots. I have noticed that the occasional fly that manages to get in when I let the dogs in or out does not always dies instantly with a direct hit, but the wife will find it dead on the floor later. Started wondering what effect one grain of salt world have on a flies body chemistry? Sheez, what we'll do to avoid boredom.

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    Salt kills bacteria by dehydrating it. Salt has a greater affinity for water than the bacteria cell. I the fly didn’t die from the blunt trauma, I suspect the salt will do some major organ damage by the same process.