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The 40mm Pucklegun and modern materials

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    Click image for larger version

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ID:	1909990 Think of the Puckle gun as a giant cap and ball revolver. The powder and shot are loaded into each chamber of the cylinder. In the Puckle’s case each chamber is its own cylinder mounted to a plate that rotates on a large threaded bar. On the back of the plate is a captured nut with a crank. Rotating the crank drives the plate forward, forcing the cylinder face into the breech of the barrel. Alignment of the two is by a 45 degree chamfer in the breech and a matching angle on the front of the chamber. The shot is fired and the crank backed off to allow the “cylinder assembly” to rotate to the next chamber. The projectile is lead and its base diameter is equal to the groove to groove diameter of the rifling. The raised sections of rifling the are called lands. When the projectile is pushed up against these lands, during discharge, the lands cut away a matching groove into the projectiles sides. The lands act as rail guides. And because the rifling is cut in a helix, it imparts spin to the projectile giving it ballistic stability.
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      Will you post a video of it firing? Would love to see your "work" in action.

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        This is a impressive build. Thanks for posting your progress and I second the request for video when this is complete!


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          Yes indeed there will be some videos. In about 3 hours i should have some new photos of the completed chambers.


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            While the original Puckle Gun had six and nine shot chamber assemblies mine has only four. The reason is i am using steel alloys because of higher pressures. As such each chamber weighs almost 8 pounds loaded. Each chamber assembly will weigh about 40 pounds. It is certainly a weight i can easily handle, but i may have to hire gun crew if i am shooting this gun when i am in my 90’s.
            The chambers have a reduced diameter base and the backing plate is bored out to receive them. Shrinkfit then welded from behind. I got lucky. When i bought my mill second hand, the seller threw in a free 14 inch Mitutoyo rotary table. It weighs about 300 pounds. This is my first chance to use it.
            Click image for larger version

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