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    I made a new firing pin for a friends Ruger security six. It was very difficult to get the press fit bushing that holds the firing pin out. I bent a couple of punches doing this. I was wondering if anyone has any helpful tips on how to get this bushing back in. There's a pin that locks the bushing in place. If I don't get that lined up correctly the pin will never go in. I would be grateful for any help. Thank you

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    You could try freezing the bushing before installing. It should contract when cold and expand when it warms up. Just a thought. wbldon


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      Haven’t done this for a while, but when i had small parts for shrink fit where heating is not an option, i would take my Stanley Thermos to the local welding supply and buy 8 ounces of liquid nitrogen. A few seconds in a tray with the liquid nitrogen and those parts easily drop into place. Cost was $10 but the lack of frustration and ease of assembly: priceless!


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        Thanks all. I think I'm going to try the liquid nitrogen approach.


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          Liquid N2 is the ultimate chill and should do the job. Be aware of the Asphyxiation dangers of close quarters N2 use. Our body is accustomed to breathing 78% N2, so if there is excess N2 and low O2 in a small area, you don’t know and then it’s too late. If you do things outside, no problems.

          Another chill is Dry Ice in Acetone. No where near as cold but still very effective.
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            How much PF do you need? I would paper down the front of the bushing so it can start into the hole. Most problems driving bushings is getting them to not shear metal pressing them in. Also I line parts up in a milling machine ( indicated hole ) and drive them in using the spindle ( knee mill ) you have about 1.5 seconds to drive in a frozen bushing. Shrink fitting works, but you better be fast. New to this site and enjoy very much! I am a retired mold maker / aerospace machinist of 45 years. Best of luck.