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head stock or steady rest chamber reaming

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    I was doing it through the spindle with an outboard spider. Then I had a discussion with a more experienced friend that also had some professional machinist training. He stressed the very real possibility of flexing (temporary bend) the barrel while dialing in both ends. (point taken).
    Next, I built a chamber flush system for my lathe. While trying to fit an oil catch pan in front of the chuck, I realized that the saddle really got in the way and then thought how much easier it would be to get that pan under there at the tailstock end (no saddle in the way).
    Next thought was: no need to dial in the chamber end. Just back off the steady rollers, plug the tailstock center into the bore, run the t/s rollers out to contact and chamber away.
    Last thought was: my lathe is a well used, former industrial machine with a fair bit of wear up by the chuck but almost pristine down at the tailstock end.
    I'm gonna try the steady / tailstock end for awhile.


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      I have cut chambers with a steady rest because my lathes wouldn't allow otherwise. It seems the setup would be simpler if I could have run the barrel through the spindle and used a spider. Either method can produce good results.