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  • Commercial reloading

    A friend is considering getting into commercial reloading. My question for him is: does he need some sort of FFL for this enterprise? Would it be the same as for actually building firearms for sale?

    Thanks!! <<Jim>>

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    If your friend is going into a full scale operation, he will need a class 6 license. This is good for ammo only. Having this license will get you dealer cost on components, and just about anything else a distributor or vendor sells to dealers. A state or local license may be needed also. You will need liability insurance additionally. This is quite pricey, so your friend will have to sell quite a bit of ammo to offset this cost. Unless you have no assets whatsoever to take, it is foolish not to have this insurance. One lawsuit, whether it is justified or not, can ruin you financially.

    I went down this road many years ago, and gave it up, as it just was not worth it to me.
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      ITAR cost $2500 a year, last time I checked product liability for reloaded ammunition it was $3000 for the first 100,000 rounds and any additional ammunition raises the price.

      The big question is where will he get primers?
      I have been told that all primers are going to load ammunition and there is NO excess to sell to reloaders!


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        Thanks for the info, I'll pass it along. The liability issue alone would deter me, dunno about him. There was an older fella in our local gun club who reloaded for club Members, was very reasonable, but that wasn't really on a commercial scale, He used a Lee progressive loader. He sold LOTS of cast bullets that were quire good quality, I'm still using them.

        Thanks again!