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3D printing seals for old single stroke air rifle

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  • 3D printing seals for old single stroke air rifle

    I have a Spanish Gamo 126 single stroke pneumatic target air rifle. It is in great condition, but unfortunately as the plastic seals are now unobtainable it cannot be used. I wonder if a flexible grade of plastic could be printed which would be strong enough to work, particularly the main piston seal which is similar to a bicycle pump seal and about 1 1/4" diameter.
    I would be very pleased to get this 10 metre 0.177 gun working again, it has a Lothar Walther barrel and a trigger pull of about 1/4 pound. I believe it was sold under the Benjamin brand in the USA.
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    would turning a piece of delrin with oring grooves rather than a lip type seal work instead? what I have seen of 3D printed parts the type of plastic doesn't seem very flexible. Jim


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      If you have a 3D printer (or know someone who does and likes to experiment, or even if you are looking for an excuse to get a printer), it would certainly be worth the cost of a spool of TPU to find out of this might work. Depending on how flexible and/or strong the seals have to be, playing with the thickness of the TPU might get you back and shooting.

      Do you have the old seals that you can measure (and guess at the wear), or at least a good drawing of what they looked like?

      This would be a great winter project....
      SE MI, USA


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        TPU filament makes for a decent seal material, though it really depends on the size of seal youre trying to make. Printing something really thin would be problematic, but id say that .15mm or above would be doable. No idea how well it would work in a pressurized system though, my experience has been mostly printing seals to waterproof printed boxes


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          I don't think there is room for a redesigned O ring application, the original seal is certainly complete enough to make a drawing of before going anywhere. I will ask a couple of my friends who use 3D printers about TPU and whether they could use it if I bought a spool of it. The seal is square bottomed and with sides tapered down to almost a knife edge at the front which might be a problem. 0.15mm thick at the front edge would probably give a satisfactory seal, and that would be the last bit to print.
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            I don't know if this technique would be applicable to the seal you are trying to duplicate, but maybe you can get some ideas from this. He 3D prints what is essentially a form over which a rubber or plastic material is molded, then the form broken up in a ultrasonic cleaner leaving jus the thin plastic part: