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Rex Merrill/Rock Pistol in 30-30 cal. questions

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  • Rex Merrill/Rock Pistol in 30-30 cal. questions

    Greetings, Gunsmiths,

    I've come across a Rex Merrill by Rock Pistol works in 30-30 cal. I like the quality and the style of the gun, but is 30-30 really useful for anything other than whitetails? Also, I understand other barrels have to be hand fitted to the gun. Ever seen any barrels or know who fits them these days? Any estimate as to what one in average condition is worth?

    thnx, jack vines

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    The Rock pistol is an interesting single shot. It is/was a low volume gun, and I don't know value. It depends on collector interest and condition. I would guess it would not be a low dollar item.

    As far as the 30-30, it is a versatile cartridge when reloaded. Factory loads use the round nosed bullet for safe use in tubular magazines but it can be reloaded with many different configuration and weight bullets. Being a rimmed cartridge, it is popular in single shot guns. Get a reloading manual that has load information for the TC Contender for an idea of loads available.

    The barrel appears to be pretty much non-interchangeable and would probably be costly to replace.
    Jim H.


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      Jim Rock

      I have shot metallic silhouette with Jim Rock in Los Angeles. He shoots a Merrill pistol himself. It is a very high quality pistol and does well as far as scoring. The 30 30 was a popular cartridge for shooting metallic silhouette..
      Depending on condition the pistol should fetch a good price.


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        30 30

        We used to shoot Moose with a 30 30 / Nice round. Makes a nice handgun cartridge in a Thompson Contender Pistol.