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  • ?big Bore Pistols?

    Any Big Bore Handgun enthusiasts out there? I always fancied a .50 cal single action with a 5 and a half inch Barrel or so. Have any of you Gentlemen built such a Piece ??thanx Mike (Junior Gun Enthusiast)

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    Big Bore

    No. I have not built one but I've been shooting and reloading for a .44 magnum for many years. The only .50 caliber I have is a black powder rifle.
    A .50 caliber handgun would be a little more than I would care to shoot.
    The Ruger super blackhawk in .44 mag. is my favorite handgun.


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      I too had a Ruger super blackhawk in .44 mag. that I honed the action on. I never could hit a thing using full powered .44 mag loads so I took to reloading .44 Special cartridges using 245 grain cast bullets. That was a pleasure to shoot and accurate too. That Ruger was a very stout pistol. I did buy a Redfield mount to place a scope on, but never got around to do the job. I kinda miss the old gal. Maybe one day I'll get another and try to shoot full powered loads. It takes a very special kind of person to shoot those big bore hand cannons. I guess I was not one of them back in the 1970's. Oh, to be able to do it all over again.


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        Big Bore Handguns

        Are you talking about a 50 BMG caliber handgun? That would not be feasible as the weight of the handgun to accept the recoil would make hand holding impossible without downloading the powder in the cartridge to reduce the muzzle velocity. Also, the muzzle flash would be very large as the powder in the std 50 BMG round is made to burn in a barrel that is about 3 feet long and firing it in a barrel a foot long would result in much unconsummed powder being thrown out of the muzzle.

        I have not made any big bore handgun but I enjoy shooting them. I have a .45-70 cal. revolver, S&W 629 in .44 Mag. and a .44 AMP Auto Mag.


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          Could always go .50 GI...
          A kinda scaled up .45 ACP.


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            Here is a 50 BMG pistol.



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              Originally posted by meho
              yup. one misconception most folks have is regarding recoil. the recoil in the 50BMG is generated by the gases as the bullet moves down the barrel. no barrel= no recoil. for the most part all these 50BMG handguns are is a big way to generate huge muzzle-flash.

              now the 50 Action Express is certainly a viable .50 caliber handgun. the Desert Eagle semi-auto is actually a pleasure to fire in 50AE.

              andy b.
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                I've fired two separate versions of the Maadi-Griffin, and the recoil was comparable to firing a 12 gauge shotgun held in one hand, it was easily manageable. Never saw the point to the gun however. Accuracy was so-so, muzzle flash could BBQ a large pig from 30 feet.
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                  I have shot and owned .44 smith (old model) slicked action full house loads in a SS 8. 3/8 inch Barrel (used to carry it up north hunting in a Uncle Mikes Chest Holster Heavy and hugeLOL) Then 45-70 pistol (thompsom contendor) Nice shootuing Pistol also have 30-30- contendor accurate pistol. I am interested in a .50 single action Bisley type revolver, I am 250 pounds and am used to heav\y recoil.


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                    A co-worker is going through his waiting period for a T.C. 500. were supposed to take it out in a week or so.Looks like a nice gun.
                    I'm a real fast learner,it just takes me awhile to pick things up.


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                      Originally posted by madman
                      Any Big Bore Handgun enthusiasts out there? thanx Mike (Junior Gun Enthusiast)
                      I'v got an old S & W 44 mag that I used to shoot alot, also the Grizley 50 cal that looks like an enlarged version of the 45 auto. I bought a Ruger 454 a few years ago, but I have not taken it out of the box yet. Tendonitis does not agree with shooting, bowling or golfing , but somehow swmbo makes sure I don't miss any work lol.
                      I wouldn't mind toying around with a .30-06 revolver with a 12'' or so barel .



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                        What is Big Bore?

                        I have a Magnum Research Lone Eagle in 308 Win. Is that big enough? It is good Accurate and requires both ear plugs and ear muffs. It will launch a turtle fifty feet in the air if you hold just a tad low. My Ruger Super Blackhawk 44 mag is now about 45 years old and is a good efficent balanced design that is hard to beat.
                        Byron Boucher
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