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Bolt in locked position?

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  • Bolt in locked position?

    Just wondering what any of you think about leaving a top slide locked open on a semi-auto (say Glock 22) for an extended period. The bolt return spring would be under complete compression.

    No round in the chamber, but with the magazine installed, as soon as you release the slide, a round gets chambered and is ready to fire.

    Could this (open bolt) cause any harm to the weapon over time or they designed to handle this??


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    My concern would not be about the spring or the weapon itself.

    Think about it.


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      I would think any spring under constant tension would sack after a while.
      This happens, especially on loaded magazine springs.
      I had a Glock 19 and this was the first this ever happened on.
      Try not to keep the mag completely full.

      Release the slide and when you need to chamber it, rack it.


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        Slide spring design.

        Open storage is probably not going to permanetly damage the slide spring but it opens a whole other can of worms. Pistols are like boat motors the more you use them the better they work.
        Byron Boucher
        Burnet, TX


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          Safety Considerations

          With the gun in the condition you describe, all one has to do is to hit the slide release and the gun is then loaded, ready to fire. If found by a child in the condition you intend to store the gun, a deadly accident would be the result.

          Leaving the gun with the slide closed, no round in chamber and a loaded magazine in the gun is the safer way to store the gun. Someone with knowledge and strength to pull the slide back to chamber a round could load the gun, which would eliminate those with neither the knowledge nor strength to operate the slide.


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          Every problem can be solved through the proper application of explosives, duct tape, teflon, WD-40, or any combo of the aforementioned items.


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            Thanks for all the replys, although I'm not exactly sure what some of them mean.

            Like......Topct..........I'm not sure what you mean by, "My concern would not be about the spring or the weapon itself.......Think about it." ??

            And Boucher..........what "other can of worms" are you referring to??

            For what it's worth.........I've decided to "not" store it with an open slide. While the spring "might" be able to handle the compression, it certainly can't do it any good and I can't see any real advantage to it. Until the Glock, I haven't owned any semi-auto weapons and wasn't sure about what issues might arise from storing it with an open breach. Manually operated bolts and revolvers don't seem to have that problem..........

            My original intention was to have a reasonably "ready" weapon in the event it was required for an emergency, but the "little woman" isn't real keen on having a "loaded" weapon in the house. I certainly understand the "safety issues", but (as far as I'm concerned), an unloaded gun is about as useful as a saw without teeth.

            That being said............I'll just keep the round chambered. SWMBO will have to understand that she can't have her way on everything.........especially since my desire is to protect "her" and ours.........

            In an attempt to alleviate one of Bigboy1's concerns...........If there is a child
            in my's there as a "trespasser" not as a guest. On the rare chance that some little "cookie crumbler" might invade the house, I'd make sure that the gun wasn't available. Besides, the gun would only be loaded when I was home. Not when I wasn't. Wouldn't do me much good if I wasn't there to use it..........would it?? My wife isn't likely to use it and neither would the dogs.........but I'll work on teaching any of them...........if they only ask........LOL.

            No need to "preach" about the safety concerns. After 45 years of being a gun owner/user (and 6 yrs prior military service), I like to think that I understand about the dangers of "loaded and unloaded" guns. No proof, but you'll just have to take my word for it ...........OR..........NOT.......

            Anyway..........thanks again for the replys. I really appreciate them.

            Best regards...........Rodg


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              Storage conditions

              Storing the pistol with the slide open would make it easier for foreign objects/matter to get where you don't want them. You will experience fewer malfunctions from a loaded round in the chamber. If child safety is a concern I would rather trust a good storage box. I just can't imagine any reason to store a pistol in the slide open condition.
              Byron Boucher
              Burnet, TX


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                Having been a shooter for over 50 years, and a 'smith some 30 through 40 years ago, I can't point you to the articles I have read that said magazines loaded for 10 years or more did NOT have weakened springs.

                Springs weaken from constant compression, extension. Cycling.

                I don't condone the slide locked back, either, but no because the spring will take a "set", weaken. Simply dangerous, for the reasons posted.

                Trash gets into it, for one. Doesn't take much trash to make a pistol unusable.

                Carried a Smith SW380 in a hip pocket for mebbe 6 months. One day went to the range to shoot BP revolvers, decided to shoot the Smith. The damned thing had pocket lint in it enough that it wouldn't shoot.

                Loaded, spout empty, easy to get to, is the best way to keep it in a house where the lady doesn't like guns. My youngest daughter has a 380 in a lockbox, easy to get to, mag loaded, chamber empty, one rack, which she can do, but her kids cannot, 5 and 3.

                I gotta get them kids to shoot some 22 with me. Gotta make them some slingshots, too.

                Innyhoo, loaded mag, empty chamber, rack and ready, your lady will feel better, and if either of you NEED it, one pull and you are armed.



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