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Redrilling/tapping slightly cockeyed 6-48 holes to 8-40?

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    Well, Paul, if you know so much more than he thinks and you've built so many rifles, why did you ask such an elementary question?


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      Generally, I like to hear other peoples opinions when they're not intimating I'm a complete retard.

      Trust me, I won't be bothering to ask any more questions HERE again.

      Amazing how a couple A-holes can spoil a place.

      Paul F.


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        Most people speak from their experience and it shows their knowledge of a subject. Just like any other group you weed out the B S. I personally like to hear your thoughts. On this subject I had always thought plug and drill had not thought plug and end mill. Learned another way to get job done right.



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          A standard mount is a dovetail front, windage adjustable rear. As for the 15 moa slope you want I would suggest using Burris rings that have the plastic inserts.This will give you everything you need without chancing a broken end mill or drill sticking out of your recivier. Can't happen you say. Well it's happened to me and a lot of other people as well. No doubt due to our lack of experence. And just to show you guys how gracious I can be I'm going to let you get the last word in.