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  • A Winter Project

    I set up at the local gun show this weekend to get rid of a few odds and ends and look for fodder for a winter project.

    I ended up trading for an action kit a friend of mine makes, I have been looking at it for a while, and we each had something the other guy wanted.

    The action is a falling block, similar to the Falling Block Works actions, but with some refinements. Karl makes two sizes, large and small. I got the small action with either a 218 Bee or 32-20 in mind. This action has a 3/4" barrel shank, the large is slightly larger, mainly in thickness with a 1" barrel shank.

    The kit is quite complete with pins, screws and springs and most lathe work done, threaded for barrel, etc. The breech block mortise is broached and the breech block is fitted, some final stoning required. It is squared up and surface ground on critical surfaces. It can be finished with a drill press and hand tools.

    Karl loaned me his cut away demo action for inspiration and to give an idea of how it all goes together.

    Jim H.

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    I genuinely love single shots, especially the falling block style. My favorite rifle is a Wickliffe in 22 Hornet, built in Wickliffe, Ohio, the company lasted only 4 years, 1976 to 1980. I have threatend to copy the action, but it looks to be a very difficult task.

    Yours will be a fun winter project.
    Keep us posted.

    I vote for the 218 Bee


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      NICE!! That looks like a lot of fun. I'm guessing any of the smaller rimmed cartridges will work?

      andy b.
      The danger is not that computers will come to think like men - but that men will come to think like computers. - some guy on another forum not dedicated to machining


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        winter project

        Nice looking action what is your friend's contact imfo.


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          I am leaning toward the 218 Bee myself. I'm aiming for a light sporter. The Wickliffe is an interesting action, I believe there is someone working at bringing it back, there has been some discussion off and on on the ASSRA forum concerning it.

          The action will handle rimmed cartridges up to about the 38 caliber, maybe light 44's but that would be stretching it. The larger action will handle anything sensible.
          Jim H.


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            Looks a whole lot like the patent drawings that Browning filed what became the Winchester Hi-Wall. How about the .222 Rimmed cartridge---made in Australia in it? Yes, please, what is your friends contact info and the price of the kit?
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              A friend had one of the small Martini actions re done into a 218 Mashburn Bee Improved. I really liked it. I will throw out a suggestion and one that has been bad mouthed by the shooting press. The 256 Winchester. Very similar to the old 25/20 but it can be made from the 357 mag brass. Never popular but a good round. I have two of the little Marlin lever actions in that caliber. They are very handy truck guns and adequate for the ferrell hogs that are taking over this country (Central Texas). Another good prospect would be the 22 Rem Jet it is also made from the 357 mag. These require purchase of RCBS forming dies but the 357 makes a good strong case and is cheaper to buy if you shoot much.
              Byron Boucher
              Burnet, TX


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                Nice kit looks like a great winter project.I would like to try one if I ever get caught up on some of my other projects.


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                  Those are all good suggestions. The cartridges based on the 357 Magnum & 357 Maximum are good choices. I am kind of favoring the 218 Bee, I don't have a small 22 CF but do have a 25-20WCF & a couple of 32-20's and I have plenty of 32-20 brass. You can size it down and I do have 218 dies.

                  I have a couple of lever guns I have rebarreled in 219 Zipper which is very close to the 222 rimmed. It might handle the Zipper, but I think it would be pushing it.

                  It does resemble the Browning somewhat. It is a nice, compact well thought out design.
                  Jim H.


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                    I too would like contact info for those actions, please. PM me if you like.



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                      PM's with contact information have been sent.
                      Jim H.


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                        When in my younger days Groundhog hunting took up my spare time I had a Ruger Hawkeye pistol(single shot) with scope which I really liked.The "Jet" was a miserable round for various reasons but especially for the noise it made which hurt my ears even with good plugs or muffs.My vote is for the .256 and would like to work up one as shown.


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                          I would like the contact info also. As far as caliber, I would make it a takedown, first barrel would be 32-20, second would be .22K-Hornet or .256 Maximum.
                          North Central Arkansas


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                            I'd like contact information as well please. I'd like to get a large action. I'd also like to email/talk to the designer; would it handle 45-70 or maybe even 50-70 type cartridges?


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                              Nice looking kit.
                              I have a hankering to build a gun (one of those things that you should do before you die...) but I suspect that its non trivial for us here in blighty...

                              Might almost make you move to the US

                              Maybe Ill look into it further

                              Just south of Sudspumpwater UK