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Bluing alternatives?

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  • Bluing alternatives?

    I have an air rifle I'm working on, I replaced the original barrel with a match grade .20 cal. blank that came to me in the white. For consistencies sake and other reasons, I've also removed the bluing from the compression tube.

    My original intent was to blue everything, but the silver look is growing on me, especially with the black synthetic stock on this rifle. I'm looking for an alternative that will still protect the metal but let me keep it silver.

    Brownell's has a product called Metal Coat, it's an epoxy finish that looks like it will do what I want. Has anyone used this, and if so, what did you think? Or are there other alternatives that don't require sending it out, something I can do in house that doesn't require a huge outlay in equipment or cash :-). Thanks!


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    It's an epoxy based paint. Holds up reasonably well, but really, nothing exotic about it.

    David Kaiser
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      Similar but not the same.

      I have used Brownell,s Teflon Moly paint that is oven cured to put a black finish on stainless bbl and steel tools. It has held up surprisingly well and provides corrosion protection. I poilish the stainless bbl and then glass bead blast. The bulk material thinned and applied with an airbrush works much better than the rattle cans. The paint adhears better to a bead blast surface.

      I have grown to like the stainless look and leave the majority of my guns that way but, I don't like the shiney look for most hunting rifles.
      Byron Boucher
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