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.223 vs. .204??

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  • .223 vs. .204??

    New .204 caliber. Has anyone been trying it out? Is it superiopr to the .223 ? thanx Mike

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    Superior for what? What is the intended purpose? Both cartridges are good for varminting, but the intended use and some other factors would determine which one to select.

    I will say that there is nothing I can think of that the .204 will do, that the .223 won't do for a lower cost, and longer barrel life. That being said, I wouldn't mind having a .204 in a nice walking varmint rifle, just because.


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      What will either of them do that a good .22 Hornet won't do up to 150 yards?


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        Well I have both, a 204 Contender Carbine and an AR in 223 and I am here to tell you the 204 is the greatest thing to come along in a long time! It is super accurate, super fast, flat shooting and because of the almost total lack of recoil the shooter can see the bullet hit. IMHO after owning both for several years the 204 is superior to the 223 in almost every way except for cost and compared to a lot of popular rounds the 204 is not expensive at all. There are so many rounds to choose from these days it seemed to make little sense when Ruger announced the 204 but there really was a place for it and it is here to stay! The 223 is somewhat cheaper but not by much and to handload for both rounds there is no real difference in cost so that popular argument against the 204 is not valid.
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          If TEOTWAWKI or Zombies land on your front porch, you're gonna wish you had a .223 REM rather than a .204. In place of either of them, I'd recommend a .308. Given only the .223 or 204 question, well... you can't make a decision based on only a few inputs. Is this your first gun? Do you own a bunch more? Do you hand-load? Can YOU swage .204 bullets?


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            Two sides of the coin

            The avaliability of good bullets pretty well defines how good a cartridge is. There are more good 224 bullets avaliable.

            One good bullet in 204 may satisfy all your needs.

            If I were limited to owning one varmit rifle it would be a 220 swift.
            Byron Boucher
            Burnet, TX


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              The distance that you can keep all your shots inside a 3 inch circle is the distance you should be shooting at varmints. You then pick a cartridge and bullet that will reliably expand at that range. More noise and recoil does not cause varmints to die of fright. It does impress and cause envy from those that can't shoot well.



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                Originally posted by Bob Ford
                The distance that you can keep all your shots inside a 3 inch circle is the distance you should be shooting at varmints.
                Central Ohio, USA


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                  My 7.5x55 Swiss K31 and 12x scope will stay inside 3" at 300 yds with GP 11 ammo if I do my part but I ain't gon' shoot any varmints with it (well, maybe not 4-legged ones...)

                  Re the .204 vs .223, I also vote for the .223 based simply on versatility. The .204 might be around in ten years but the .223 will exist so long as people shoot rifles. Several of my cousins shoot competitive bench and varmint hunt - the almost universal choice with those guys is the .22-250.


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                    Lots of Reports

                    Thanx for replies . I been hearing many Reports from some Guys who bought .204 s .Ive had a .223 for many years, its a rechambered tikka .222 chambered into a .223 with a tight target chamber.. It is a very accurate Rifle. It is has the 12 gauge. (Over Under 12 gauge .223 combo rifle I collect them ) Surprisingly accurate to 200 meteres. I dont shoot much further than that witjh it due to the small scope on it (Leupold Vari x 3 1.5 to 5 ) but it hits what its aimed at.


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                      I borrowed a .204 for a summer. Fantastic round! I zeroed it with the 32 grain Hornady load 3 fingers high at 100yrds. At 300 yards it shot three fingers low. There was no need to range a ground hog, if I could see it, it died. Being able to watch the hit even close shots, because the recoil impulse is basically nonexistent, was very cool.

                      I had to give it back unfortunately. I live in a semi rural/suburban area and use a 17HMR because of the noise issue. The .204 would be slick here, but its a noisy caliber, not as bad the .22-250, but still more than I want to subject my neighbors to.
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