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Accurate Rifles—Bedding check

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  • Accurate Rifles—Bedding check

    In order for a Rifle to consistently shoot small round groups there are some basics that need to be right. One very important requirement is consistent bedding. Carelessly bedded rifles turn in an occasional good group but the more you shoot them the larger the group size becomes. Pressure point bedding systems occasionally produce good results but the odds are in favor of a bedded action and a free floated barrel. Put a magnetic base on the barrel just forward of the stock with a dial indicator on the stock. Loosen and tighten the stock screws and watch the indicator. More than a couple of thousandths means the bedding needs some work. Many factory stocks produced with the HS Precision type bedding blocks are poorly done. They are a good starting point but a long way from where the end product needs to wind up. Wooden stocks with bedding pillars are also good starting points.
    McMillan and Brown Precision fiberglass stocks are among the best.
    Byron Boucher
    Burnet, TX