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    A variant of the AK, like the Finnish-design and Finnish-built RK62 automatic rifle, is considered the most accurate automatic battle rifle in the world.

    I personally shot 93 on first test, and 92 on second, all rounds being within the head-sized sweet spot, prone, 150 m range.
    This was with a rifle manufactured in 1967, I had never fired before, circa 1997.
    On my last routine re-training, compulsory for some special-forces personnel (aircraft mechanic, worked on Mig21bis).

    On a 300 m range all rounds would be on-target, prone.

    Wiki mentions sub moa accuracy.
    I routinely achieved this sub-moa, in the Air Force technical school I won attendance to, circa 1987.

    Hammer forged match barrel, standard, and Finnish mechanical craftsmanship is widely seen as similar to Swiss or German or Japanese best efforts.

    Originally posted by RWO View Post
    Ever seen a slow motion video of an AK being fired? The barrel flops around visibly. Apparently the barrel-receiver connection or the receiver itself is structurally weak.



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      Originally posted by gweloboy View Post
      Shooting on a range is different to shooting other people. Most fighting takes place within 100 yards which is why the Russians developed the 7.62 x 39. Miniguns seem to suggest 'spray and pray' does have its strengths.
      Yes, when you are in a city. In WW2 the number the Germans and Russians came up with was 300 yards, and when in Afghanistan and the Taliban is on the next ridge it winds up being more like 500-600+. Better long range performance is why the 5.56 went from a 55gr bullet to a 62. If you watch some of those TV shows, the Taliban just sit up on a ridge, aim in the general direction of the fire base and start banging off rounds with the hope of hitting something. Once the Taliban wounds an American, our guys get pissed, figure out which rock the guy is behind and launch a laser guided missile at him. As far as the miniguns, haven't done it myself but I'd concede that hitting a man sized target firing one aimed shot at a time while riding in a moving helicopter or vehicle is pretty hard to do.

      RWO - Yeah, I've seen those videos. Pretty amazing how much it moves.

      Greystone - So, of the 100,000,000+ AK-47 and variants, there are 350,000 that are as accurate as an M16/M4. Good to know.