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Making Holland & Holland shotguns

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  • Making Holland & Holland shotguns

    Saw a fascinating TV program showing the manufacture of handmade Holland & Holland shotguns

    From "How It's Made", season 15, episode 9, circa 2010

    segment runs from 10:37 - 20:38

    A video produced by H & H itself:

    (The latter video has been posted a few times, don't know about the first)
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    Goes back decades before then when they were hand made, both old videos.

    Same with Purdey they only employ fitters and barrel makers thats it who moan at removing 3 thou. That why you see ex workers specialising in certain areas on their own. Biggest market around 2006 was the US then they realised they were not hand made at hand made prices, hence bottom fell out the market.


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      Shotguns are like Hi-Fi, diminishing returns through to near zero improvement in performance for geometric increases in pricing.
      If you benefit from the Dunning-Kruger Effect you may not even know it ;-)


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        Your paying for the skill and know how to produce along with the looks and quality of the finishing internally and externally.
        HIFI your paying for marketing and bull in the high end at 5 times the normal price.