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Brainstorming my first gun-smiting project!

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  • Brainstorming my first gun-smiting project!

    Hello all, I have been reading the posts on gun making here for a while now and I think I am almost ready to make my first firearm!

    I'm thinking simple. Real simple. I have a lathe and am proficient with it, so that part of the project is not an issue. I have a Chinese mill drill that leaves much to be desired. I have milled some AR-15 receivers with it, but asking any more than that of this particular machine is a no-go.

    I am thinking a single-shot pistol type of firearm. I am also considering 38 Special for the caliber; I reload 38 special already so I can dictate exactly what I put through it.

    So, I am somewhat educated on the idea of barrel-making, chambering, etc, but I am trying to keep this project relatively low budget and as easy as possible. So, If i were to keep the barrel short, would it be ill-advised to use a regular twist drill & follow with a reamer?

    Also, if anybody has recommendations or ideas for a super simplistic design let me know!

    These are just preliminary questions!

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    For your first go, it would be much easier to use a rifled barrel blank. Though you might be able to drill and ream a blank, rifling it would be difficult. It can be done but the materials to make the tooling would probably cost more than the barrel blank. For a pistol, the barrel has to be rifled unless you pay the $200 tax and register it as a sawed off shotgun.
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      Yup, just buy a blank. Check with Green Mountain Barrels, I've bought 38 caliber blanks from them for as low as $40, but they are good quality and every blank I've used from them shoots very well.


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        Go to tons of good info!
        When I get Time... I'll...