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  • Generator for field welding

    I have a Lincoln 'Tombstone' AC225-S arc and a Hobart 150 MIG both in 240V and want to size a portable generator to run these in the field on no more than 90 amps on a once and awhile as needed program. No commercial or everyday use or big runs but just to keep from having to pull out 250 feet of cable for one fence repair. Does anyone have any advice on what wattage and brand would suffice? Will be looking for a used unit at first and would rather go bigger than needed than right on the edge. Thanks in advance and cheers from Arizona! Be well.

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    I did some welding using a Lincoln 100SP and a Champion 6000 watt generator. The Generator would put out 30 amps at 220V with a max surge of 7000 watts. At 400 lbs it was a bit more cumbersome than a coil of cord.

    The inverter based welders will work on the smaller generators better. They take 1/2 the power in many cases.

    At the end of the project, there is a profound difference between spare parts and extra parts.

    Location: SF East Bay.


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      Similar to what Dan says, I would start with something like a Honda 6500 watt.
      FWIW, Lincoln has a little combo generator/welder for field repairs like this, its about 4,000 watts and about $1500.
      Think they call it the "bulldog". Its meant for farm ranch and home shop repairs, AC only. Plus your regular 120/240 volts. all in one machine.


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        Used gens around here in the 7500 watt range run about $500-700 so not planning on buying more welders plus I can use the gen for other jobs without the big cord which here is a pain in the ass. Just too much stuff in the way to mess with that big roll. So its a gen or nothing. So far I see 6500 or bigger and I see several Champions here and there.


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          I cut the wires joining the two halves of my generator stator coil together and brought out 4 more wires to permit 60vac connection.

          Its a 5500 watt generator and will deliver about 100 amps to a 6011 welding rod. I added an inductor made from a 1/2hp motor stator core, but wound about 25 turns of 6 gauge wire like a toroid and a 1/16 air gap cut in the core to reduce the inductance and provide energy storage.

          It would be nice to find a 1000uf 80vac rated capacitor to offset some of the lagging power factor and increase open circuit voltage.

          You do not have to take the generator head off the engine to make this modification but it will take a few hours of work.