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glasses fogging up

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  • glasses fogging up

    anybody else holding their breath when welding (tig)? a have a pretty normal helmet and my glasses are fogging up. i can breathe about three times before it gets noticable. lenses are plastic.

    what to do? i was thinking some spray, but i dont want to risk chemicals on the coating. build in ventilator? what else?

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    I have the same problem, I purchased some very small 12v fans to try to move air. Have not installed it yet
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      How close do you have headband set to hold the helmet away from your face? I've worn glasses most of my life and figured out long ago that I had to position the shield farther away to avoid fogging.

      The extra distance does make it harder to see sometimes, but I've gotten used to it now.


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        I had a similar problem with my covid masks
        thr tip I got was to get some medical tape (“paper tape”) and tape the top of my covid mask to the bridge of my nose, upper cheeks, etc. if forces the humid air out by my ears, leaving my glasses clear

        I should think that wearing such a mask under your Welding hood & taping it the same way should work. I plan to try it next time I have to weld (or do anything requiring a face shield



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          Wow! Never heard that problem. What's your humidity there? A 100%?


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            Shaving cream.
            put a dime sized blob on and smear it around, buff it out.


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              humidity is low, usually 30% outside and less than 55% in the shop. rubbing, buffing is difficult, as with plastic and the coating(s) i would have to clean the lenses meticulously every time. please report how it went with the ventilator. will you be pulling air out?
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                Rain-x makes a product for preventing fog on the windshield. there are also sprays specifically for anti-fog on eyeglasses

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