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  • Not Taking Advantage of a Widow

    I saw this add for a Miller Bobcat 250. ce_search&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse _serp%3A70771ed3-0ae4-4a43-9b7c-180ff07ffee1

    $400 and the photos look immaculate. Being the nice guy I am I sent them an email saying they had it way under priced.

    The is was the reply that totally screams of made up scam identity theft phishing and just plain skullduggery.

    I'm glad you're interested in buying my Miller Bobcat 250 Welder Generator This generator is in excellent condition. I'm selling it at this final price of $400 because my husband died 2 months ago (he had a heart attack) and brings me bad memories and that's the reason I want to sell it asap. I also got a new job and moved to Hamilton, MT, and many other things have priority now, so this generator has to go.
    Hr 153
    11,000 watt generator
    Runs and Welds Great
    I would like to clarify some things. Before leaving I had prearranged the deal with eBay Motors so my presence isn't necessary. They won't give me any money until you receive and test the generator. The generator is at the shipping company, ready to be delivered. The delivery process is managed by me. You got 5 days to test and inspect the generator. So if you want to make this deal I need the following details from you: full name, shipping address and phone number. Once I got all the details, I will forward them to eBay and they will proceed with the order. They'll email you with all the information that you need to complete this deal and also they will confirm that the deal is conducted through them and I'm a legitimate seller. Waiting for your email with the requested details. Please let`s not waste each other`s time if you are not decided/interested to buy it.

    I also attached more pictures.
    Attaching more photos was a nice touch. Not sure why they need my shipping address if its in my home town. Out of curiosity I did a search for Miller Bobcat 250 and found duplicates of the same scam with different fb users and contact addresses, but other wise the same. Some were creative enough to use different pictures or different order of pictures, but the script is the same.
    *** I always wanted a welding stinger that looked like the north end of a south bound chicken. Often my welds look like somebody pointed the wrong end of a chicken at the joint and squeezed until something came out. Might as well look the part.

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    That's exactly what it is, a scam. It happens all the time on facebook. . Upper right corner three dots. Click that and choose report post > then scam.


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      I saw that **** too. Posted all over the country. Reported it.
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      1943 Sidney 16x54 Lathe Restoration


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        He's been posting the same ad here in South Dakota, Wyoming, and Colorado for the last 3 years. I think he also posts a MacBook under the same scam. I have wondered does he harvest phone numbers and emails to sell?


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          The way the reply read it sounded to me like a setup for an escrow payment scam. Of course it could also be a shift on the fly scam depending on the look of the potential mark. Escrow payment scam seems the most likely.
          *** I always wanted a welding stinger that looked like the north end of a south bound chicken. Often my welds look like somebody pointed the wrong end of a chicken at the joint and squeezed until something came out. Might as well look the part.


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            I have seen similar scams, popular items priced extremely low with a gmail address to contact for info. What I have noticed is that the sellers location is usually several states away from the area where the ad is posted. Seems to be they hijack facebook accounts to post these scam ads. Kubota tractors, like new for $1200 seems to be one of the most popular scams.

            What I do find amazing is how these scams have gone on for so many years and yet people must still be falling for them otherwise they would have stopped years ago.
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              I saw something like that today, some outfit was offering a 120v generator head (belt drive) for $63.
              Every other product they had was basketball-related.
              New company
              takes paypal
              PO Box
              Yup, checks out.
              25 miles north of Buffalo NY, USA


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                Yes these are prevalent nowadays. Very common to see something way underpriced and text similar to "I am posting this for my (aunt/uncle/bastard cousin, whatever) here is their contact email. Don't send messages through Facebook, (or whatever the ad is placed on) because she can't respond here."

                I report both the ad and the poster every time, but they just do it again under another name not long after. Hopefully nobody is stupid enough to fall for this stuff.

                I discovered this the first time when someone posted a decent looking Toyota forklift in Gary, IN which is about a 20-30 minute drive from my house, for $1,000. I asked to come see it and they sent a similar message as that one above and offered to send more pictures if I would give them an email address. I mentioned that I would just drive over and see it, didn't need any more pictures. Response was crickets.