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Welding unknown scrap snow plow blade material (1084? AR500?)

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  • Welding unknown scrap snow plow blade material (1084? AR500?)

    I have some scraps of mystery metal snow plow blade edge material maybe 5" wide and plenty long. The internet says it's hard stuff like 1084 or ar500. It's been kicking around for 10+ years and I haven't found a use for it yet. Now I want to make structure to replace to rotted out crossmember on my plow truck (yard truck only) and it's the perfect size. I want to weld three pieces to form a channel then torch cut holes to bolt it to the frame. The thing is I get the impression it's not very amicable to simple welding practices? I usually mig weld weld but can also stick weld with my tig welder. Can I weld this stuff? Will it just crack when it cools or when the truck flexes for the first time? This the the rearmost crossmember just in front of the rear bumper and the original is swiss cheese. I'm swapping on a rugged steel flatbed and will also be reattaching a heavy duty drawbar that bolts to the frame in 8 places so as I type this I'm thinking I don't need that crossmember at all. I'm still curious about weldability though.

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    What do you have to lose? If it works, you won! If not, you know what NOT to do next time.


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      Materials like that will usually weld better with a good preheat. Preheating and slow cooling greatly
      reduces the chances of the the weld letting go later...
      Just one project too many--that's what finally got him...


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        My best luck was using 7018 electrode.


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          if you don't do a post heat treat your joints will be brittle.
          John b. SW Chicago burbs.