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"Home Shop Welding 101"

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  • Mcgyver
    i'm looking forward to this and will bring a nice shiny apple tomorrow way to go Russ. one thing to keep in mind is budgets, some things like gas and low end mig is more accessible to a home shop budget than say a real tig....but interested to hear what you have to say

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  • torker
    started a topic "Home Shop Welding 101"

    "Home Shop Welding 101"

    OK guys! I can't stand it anymore. We've got to start a REAL Home Shop Welding thread!
    I am so sick of so called "experts" coming here...blabbing off to Home Shop Guys about how they need 12 million dollars worth of heat treating ovens...expensive tig equipment, million dollar gas welding torches, etc.
    It's time to cut all the BS.
    So..lets do this right! THIS IS HOMESHOP WELDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have some pretty strong opinions about welding. I've worked as a supervisor in a big welding plant for a long time...teaching the beginners.
    I have my own welding business.
    I've been the local welding "do anything" for years.
    I've studied welding towards being a Welding Engineer for a long time.
    I DO NOT know everything!
    So.. lets start from the beginning.
    Tomorrow I'll do a deal on O/A welding... where we ALL should start!
    Then we will move on to Tig... the best way IMO.
    Then stick..then wirefeed!
    Anyone else have anything to "OUR" guest...just make sure your facts are right.