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  • UNO MIG Welder

    Hello I am new to this site/forum

    I am looking for any kind of owners manual/parts list for a UNO MIG welder, It is branded as Chicago Tool from Harbor Freight (I would imagine, it looks identical to their current 90 amp 120 volt wire weld unit) This one is Italian made in 1986, I cannot read the paper tag on the bottom of it. other than the 1986 date of manufacture. It is a 120 volt model and is a MIG unit has a gas line built into the gun.

    I think I saw a post here from a member used iD of AHIDLEY who seemed to describe the same unit.... Can anyone help me find some info



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    I've just sold my UNO MIG after 32-years of faithful use. Upgraded to TIG.

    About 20-years ago, I upgraded output with large capacitor after rectifier. That really smoothed out arc and gave nice smooth sizzle. Then 10-years ago, speed-controller board died. I replaced it with digital PWM controller. Much better control at lower speeds and more torque too.

    Anyway, here's manual I scanned for everyone's use. Covers: Easy MIG, MIG-I, MIG-II / UNO MIG, Dual MIG-120, CEMIG 140T, 160T and 170T