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    As Mike stated you will need the Miller 169729 adapter in order to mount the nozzle, if that adapter would fit. I believe it has 3/8/x24 threads for the diffuser/tip adapter end and 1/2x20 threads for the gooseneck end, I think.

    However since your gooseneck will accept the 169728 tip adapter i doubt that the Miller 169729 adapter will work.

    But as Mike suggests, a Tweco #2 diffuser will screw into your existing goosneck as is, since it appears to have an existing 3/8x24 internal thread already. The Tweco #2 diffuser will allow you to mount various style nozzles either by using a threaded insulator so that you can mount slip-on nozzles or you can mount threaded insulated nozzles directly onto the diffuser.

    An example of each below.

    As a side note it can be advantageous to be able to use various types of nozzles in the many scenarios that one is likely to encounter. Various orifice sizes, recessed, flush, or proud contact tip positions, or spot weld nozzles all have their uses from time to time.

    Although I have a number of different nozzles, a while back I needed a really small nozzle due to the tight confines I was working in. I did not have one small enough so I took a diffuser meant for a Lincoln 100L gun, which is all metric and modified it using a 3/8x24 brass nipple so that it would mount like my Tweco #2 on the existing goosneck of my gun. Saved my bacon that day and gives credence to that old saying that there's more than on way to skin a cat.

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      Willy is out pic'n me
      His pics point out that you can use a 52FN and 23 series thread on nozzle or 52 diffuser and a 32 insulator with a 22 series slide on nozzle which I failed to mention. Both using 14 series contact tips.


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        Didja figger it out?