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CNC upgrade bridgeport boss 6

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  • CNC upgrade bridgeport boss 6

    Have drawings and specs on using gecko stepper drives on my bridgeport series one.It works great using a intel 1.6 processor. Have drawings available to any interested. Them lil geckos are smaller than a pack of cigarettes but they run them massive nema 42 motors without fail. I am using a 48 volt transformer for drive, A single to 3 phase speed inverter (I have single phase power) and Quickstep software. Has anyone else converted a old boss machine?

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    I'm interested in converting my Enco MillDrill. I've read the HSM articles, but I am going slowly until I gather enough info about motors controllers, and software so that I don't throw thousands of dollars down the drain. I've seen the gecko drives advertised, and been to their site, but thats all. Any advise for an inexpensive conversion?


    • #3 download this and try the demo out.. If I can be any more help. just holler.. I made my first cnc (a converted drill press and cross slide) with nand 7400 chips, tip120 transistors, and ceramic resistors to limit the current.. it worked.. well mostly.. You can buy pretty cheap motors on ebay, but you don't know what you are getting till you get them.. You want at least 200 oz per inch.. I got some catalogs somewhere for some decent motors.
      I finally bought the real version, a bridgeport cnc, and updated the electronics. So far it is great.