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Other Smithy Owners ?

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  • jdk
    Good to hear of someone else who has a Smithy. I was beginning to think I had made the only purchase.
    I'm new at this too, and a tad old to try and grasp so much in so little time. But it sure is fun trying.
    Keep in touch. Jim, Elmira, NY

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  • milmat1
    started a topic Other Smithy Owners ?

    Other Smithy Owners ?

    Hey guy's:
    I was just wondering how many other smithy owners we have out there, Who would like to share experiences or ideas. Such as modifications you have done or special tools/jigs you have made etc..
    Maybe some photos of special set-ups even. I have a smithy and i am relitively new to machine work(at least doing it myself). And would love to hear what some of you have been able to do with your machines.
    Since the 3in1 machines are nearly always getting trashed on the forum, maybe we can share some set-up ideas or just complain about the machines lackings. I am building a scale model hit or miss engine on mine right now(well trying to !).
    Tell me about your experiences with your machines. Or whatever !!!! MATT