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  • Thank you guys for reviving this thread. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had all the items to add the Electronic Leads screw to my 1220. Just last week I started making the mount for the stepper motor. I hate to admit it but the impetus for this was an inadvertent movement of the powereed lever with the carriage locked in place. Oops. Mangled a couple of the changes gears and bent the change gear idler shaft. I chose to move on to the ELS and repair/ replace the change gear items later. I'm taking photos as I go and will post them in logical sequence.


    • Finally got caught up with farming. Been working on ELS for my Smithy. For starters I'm just driving it back and
      forth. I will add a display and a key pad to enable me the input distance so I can more accurately bore holes
      and such. I have it all bread boarded up. Need to dig out a box to put it in.
      olf20 / Bob