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    How I Made My 3 Jaw Chuck Run True

    My Smithy 3 jaw chuck was running so sloppy I decided to try to make it run true.

    I was hoping to get it to run with .0005" runout. One of the jaws in the chuck is off by .001". The best it will run is .001" a significant improvement from the .006" it was running.

    I cut an additional .005" off the inside of the center of the D1-4 back plate to allow the chuck movement.

    I drilled holes with 120 degree spacing in between the pinions.

    I tapped the holes for 6mm x 1mm thread 22mm long set screws.

    The front and back shcs were installed with light tension, then I centered the chuck by adjusting the set screws with a DTI to run true and tightened the front shcs's then unmounted the chuck and tightened the shcs's on the back plate. The set screws may be removed afterwards.

    I did this about 3 years ago and it is still running with 0.001" TIR on a 1" gage pin.



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      New to the Site - Any Smithy owners in Central FL?

      Hi -
      I'm new to the group. Had a small amount of machining experience back in college years ago and always wanted more. I've changed careers and have more time to explore this itch.

      So I was on the lookout for a 3 in 1 machine, but had ruled out Harbor freight due to lack of support, parts difficulties, and general quality.

      So after looking for a while, I recently "stole" a 10 year old CB-1220, bench, and toolbox with all the original tools for $500. The unit had zero hours on it according to the seller and from what I see I believe him.

      The unit was like new except for some problems which had arisen from sitting idle for 10 years (loose wire in the motor terminal block, dry rotted poly belts, and frozen mill spindle). Got em all fixed and now I am looking to learn and do some projects. So all in all I think I got a good deal.

      My areas of interest are brass musical instruments and (as my name implies) vintage mutes.

      Is anyone out there in Central FL on the forum?
      Can anyone recommend any online courses (with video). I have books but seeing it done is much more useful to me.



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        It ain't cheep but it's on DVDs.............
        I have a friend who really likes this, I have only seen a short portion but, I found it useful. Call them, I think that they have some deal for the full machine shop set.

        "This is not an endorsement, I have not used this program"
        "Use at your own risk", "mileage may very"
        "Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not."~ Thomas Jefferson


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          Lol - umm $500 for a few DVDs is outta my price range. If I had that moola available I'd put it toward a dedicated mill. But thanks anyway.


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            Own a Smithy

            I've had a Smithy 1220 since 1995. It has been good to me. I made about $700 with it making parts for a 3-ton ice machine for an AC/Refridgeration mech. friend of mine. Made a replacement hood latch for a friend's Caddy coupdeville (freebie job) that his car dealer wanted $500 for. Made pins for obsolete firearms and replacement pins for reloading dies that were hard to find for my friends. Made brass panhead screws for 1890's era Victrola phonographs--(have a friend that collects and restores them). Made new bushings and spindle shaft for a friend's 1936 Atlas lathe that went down. That job showed me how accurate a Smithy can be. I make tools and parts for my friend's wood lathes.
            Best thing I ever did was convert it to a Phase II quick change tool post set up. The Phase II (piston type) was good, but the base plate and shaft that came with it was a nightmare. It leaned. Underneath the bottom of the top half of the compound slide is a slot milled out to hold the Smithy 4-way toolpost shaft from rotating. I got a harder grade bolt and nut from the hardware store. Cut a new busing that fit inside the QC toolpost body that fit the hole and the new bolt closely (to tighten tolerances). Ground the head of the bolt to fit the milled slot in the underside of the compound slide, and put everything together. Only other thing I had to do since I usually work with 1/2" toolbits, was mill a little off the bottoms of the QC toolholders so I could get on center. Voila! Quick and dirty QC toolpost fitting.


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              AGI DVDs

              I've seen the lathe series and they are really pretty well done. They cover the basics very well. They are pricey to buy but they are available at (formerly Technical Video Rental) a video rental site like Netflix but for instructional videos. They have a good selection of machinist video and very reasonable prices.
              Laugh while you can


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                Smithy SALE............

                Just in case anyone has been thinking of buying a new Smithy, I just got a flier in the mail and through Feb. 29 they are including a free $375 machine stand. (I love mine). The offer does not show up on the web site, you have to call 800-476-4849.
                "Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not."~ Thomas Jefferson


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                  Smithy Granite 1324 / July 2007

                  Hi to the group

                  I bought my Smithy Granite 1324 ( regular one ) in July / 2007 . the shipping was great as well as the packing .

                  I unloaded the machine from a very low utility trailer with a 2 1/2 ton cherry picker / engine puller and it had the load leveler bar with it . I used a combination of chains and nylon straps .
                  I also used this equipment to lift it into place onto the Smith stand / bench .

                  I have had some leg / back issues and have not been able to do a lot as far as checking it out and setting it up let alone doing much machining .

                  I did have some chuck run out and fixed / adjusted that . I had a tapper problem and I THINK I have that solved .... I cleaned / honed and adjusted ALL the Gibbs on anything that has them ... I had a real problem mounting the new style DRO as I was one of the first to get the new units that they started using . ( had to make several of my own shims / bushings and get different screws )
                  So far I like the machine ...but I think there are a few other tweaks and adjustments that will have to be made ???

                  If I was to do it all over again I'd have gotten the INDUSTRIAL SMITHY and or I see they have a new model Granite with all kinds of zippy bells and whistles ..... Mainly for the motor and the bearings )

                  I will try to make posts as I go along here now that I am somewhat feeling better and able to stand while by the machine .

                  JerryL JerryLeskovec
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                    I ordered the quick change tool post for my G1324. It came today, it is worth every penny ($229). I've had it half a day and already saved an hour setup time. NO MORE SHIMS, YIPEEEEE.......
                    check it out...............
                    "Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not."~ Thomas Jefferson


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                      Smithy & Set Up / Check Out

                      I already have a SMITHY 1324 Granite (2007) Version.

                      I am wondering if SMITHY would do a COMPLETE SET UP / CHECK OUT ( For REAL ) on a machine if a buyer asked them to ...of course for a nominal charge .

                      1. I mean take the gibs out polish / hone them .

                      2. Check all the gears for alignment and any burs etc .

                      3. Check the chuck for run out / tail stock in line with head spindle/

                      4. Check out the mill head and column.

                      5. Make sure that the speed dial and motor are in sync .

                      6. whatever else that could be set up before shipping .

                      Just a thought ???



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                        Originally posted by JerryL
                        I am wondering if SMITHY would do a COMPLETE SET UP / CHECK OUT ( For REAL ) on a machine if a buyer asked them to ...of course for a nominal charge .
                        I have had real good luck with their tech. department, they are always very helpful and seam to know the machines "inside and out". I was having a little chuck runout problem and a call to them narrowed it down to a cam lock stud, the FREE replacement was in my mailbox the next day.
                        What could it hurt to give them a call..........
                        "Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not."~ Thomas Jefferson


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                          Smithy ...great In Help

                          Hi Sam

                          SMITHY has been VERY GOOD to me and very helpful as well as EVERYONE is VERY knowledgeable about their products and machining .

                          I have called then at least a dozen times with various prob that I have encountered and they have helped me through EVERY TIME and then some .

                          I wasn't " Bitching " about them . I was just thinking that if they offered what I had described ,maybe it would save someone who is a first time buyer and don't care to tinker with the machine or at least as little as possible a option.

                          I don't know how the other 3 in 1 machines are or compare as well as their tech support teem etc .
                          But judging from what i read about the top selling 3 - 5 brands of 3 in 1 and single use mills / lathes Smithy has the least complaints in the last 4 - to present years .
                          If I had it to do all over again I think I would go the same way I did , but going now with Smithys top of the line Granite Max machine .

                          Take care have fun be safe ...... JerryL


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                            I usually lurk on the general site, but saw this and wanted to check in. I have a Smithy Granite 1340 - bought it used a little over a year ago.


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                              I called Smithy today about the new DRO and talked to Kerry Ballard, he could not have been more helpful. First he told me that the first units that they got (Sino) were sent with the mounting hardware made backwards (for you drafters, its a first angle / third angle thing), second he sent me pictures and diagrams and descriptions of how he installed the one in their store.
                              I mentioned to him that I thought that I was feeling a wobble in the lathe spindle, he immediately explained that the tapered roller bearings were set loose at the factory for breaking in and how to adjust them, it worked great.
                              After a bit of joking around with him, he ended up giving me a $100 discount on the Sino DRO and the shipping.
                              Great people, they always have the right answer.
                              (Make sure you have time to talk, he does like to chat).
                              "Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not."~ Thomas Jefferson


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                                I'll be anxious to read your report on the install and performance of your SINO DRO. Did he tell you what the accuracy specs were? I asked them a while back and they didn't have the numbers yet.