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  • Reading back through the thread a bit there were a few mentions of the drill chucks. The chucks (tailstock and mill/drill head) and keys were kind of a disaster on my 1340. The two no-name chucks didn't take the same kind of key (one used a Jacobs pattern and one didn't), one of them didn't hold well, and neither of them worked with the keys that were supplied. I needed a new chuck for my drill press so I bought a couple of new Jacobs (name brand) chucks that all used the same key and an extra key. Now I can grab any key from anywhere in the room and it will work, and I often use two keys at once to hopefully get a more even tightening force.

    If I get around to it I would like to gear the motor down a bit and clean/inspect/replace? the lathe spindle bearings. I have a lot of flex in the spindle that I think isn't actually flex.


    • Smithy makes a speed reduction pulley kit for the 1340. (Product Code: 40-300G ) I installed it on my machine and would recommend it for slow speed work. It also helps the motor run cooler because the motor speed stays high enough to provided fan cooling even though the machine is running at slower speeds.


      • Originally posted by torchroadster View Post
        Smithy makes a speed reduction pulley kit for the 1340....
        Smithy says, "Item no. 40-300G is not required on Granite MAX and Granite I-MAX Series or on any Granite models manufactured after September 2004." Apparently they already have this. My machine is labeled Granite 1340-MX on the mill head and G1340MX on the data plate, but I do not seem to have this. My motor spindle has a 2-speed pulley that drives the lathe spindle directly.

        I keep it in the slow position, and it goes plenty fast for me. What would people use the fastest combination (apparently 2800 RPM) for?


        • Answering my own question here, based on info from the Smithy Yahoo group. When Smithy phased in the 2HP brushless motor (to replace the 1.5HP brushed motor) the speed reduction kit was considered unnecessary. One of the members of that group upgraded his Granite to the newer motor and removed his reduction kit, so I guess there is truth to the idea. The new motor does have pretty good low-RPM torque.

          Torchroadster, do you have the old motor or the new one? The new one has a square finned aluminum housing with a controller box mounted behind the machine.


          • Wanted to know if anyone with the 1340 Granite has encountered a vibration when using the Lathe.
            When I take mine out of gear the vibration goes away. As I am looking at the Gears in the Pulley Box, I notice when the Lathe is engaged I can see the Upper Spindle moving with quite a bit of runout and that runout matches the rotational vibration.
            It also happens when the Mill Head is activated because the both work off the same Upper Spindle.
            I will call Smithy to find out what to do but wondered if anyone here as ran across this and has a fix for it.

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