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  • Old Guy needing information

    Just purchase a used Van Norman 22LU horizontal milling machine, it's large for a home shop 3500# +. and I'm getting it ready to fire up. I've found a few problems, mainly from sitting. the machine is sticky old oil on surfaces so its gummy. I've been cleaning...a lot. so here's where I'm at, I had to drain all the fluids of course and the elevating shaft had been broken at one time and poorly repaired , so it broke again, it's now fixed. the machine apparently cam from the US air force as its inventory control tag denotes that. it appears as though the table has never been rotated off zero (it's stuck) and there is a lack of overarm supports and stand (I would appreciate any info on those). I've downloaded the instruction manual and "Attachments and accessories cat. form vintage machinery, but I need more information, the two main motors (both GR) are wired 440v 3P and I have the diag. to change those to 220v 3P but the Gusher pump had been removed and the mfgr is no help...that's way to old for them to have any information on. All the wires are hanging out the back and I need help there (no diag) to wire it back up. so I'm looking for help and information, thanks in advance for drawings and diagrams or any help at all.

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    rguzman10: Did you work out what you needed or still hanging loose? I don't have a Van Norman, but would try to help if I can.