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Northwest Wisconsin machine nuts?

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  • Northwest Wisconsin machine nuts?

    I live in a small town, Stanley, WI. and was wondering if anyone near here is a machine nut and/or likes to make things. I have a small shop with two small lathes, bench top mill and other tools to make up the complete shop.

    I have built small air powered engines and am now working on a 7.5" gauge railroad that encircles my house. The engine and cars about 5 feet long and can be ridden on.

    If you are from this area maybe we could get together and talk machine shop and railroading.

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    Stevens Point checking in. What your a tool nut? Unheard of! I'll be over to run that loco for ya.

    Rakort, aka Brian


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      Hi Glen, I live in Neillsville. My son works for Stanley Oil. I do hobby machining. Currently restoring a IHC Tom Thumb and building a 1/2 scale Tom Thumb from a casting kit. Would enjoy meeting you. I haven't found anybody around here with similar interests. Larry


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        PM sent


        Sent a private message.


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          Far Nw Wisc.

          here in beautiful, sunny, downtown maple. . . on hwy 2


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            Tool doc,

            Maple is smaller than Stanley. It must be a wide spot in the road.

            If you want to take a big trip south let me know. You can stop and shoot the breeze.

            Get ready for that North wind to come off of the lake with a foot of snow any day now.