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sharpening thickness planer blades?

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  • sharpening thickness planer blades?

    Ok, got myself into a new jam, bought a thickness planer that has become obsolete blade wise, but I have some ordered that I can adapt by moving the adjuster/ positioning screws a tab. this should be doable on my grizzly milling machine.
    Now: the problem: I would like to resharpen them as they become dull. has anyone tried to do this as I'm open for best ways to do this!

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    Make a jig to hold the blades at the proper angle, then use the ScarySharp method.


    Get one of these.


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      Presuming where you live there is a tool supply dealer (a real one that supplies contractors, not HF or similar) they frequently have a blade sharpening service and if its like the one I have used locally, they will also be able to have planer blades sharpened.


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        The best way is to send them out to a professional- the cost is around 50 cents an inch. I get mine done at a local lumber yard/millworks. Some of theses places don't advertise so you might have to search the woodworking forums to find them.


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          Are the ones you ordered available in a carbide tipped version? In my experience these usually last much longer than the HSS series of planer blades. Won't help you sharpen your current set but could maximize your run time.

          I always though it funny that while metal workers make lots of use of HSS tooling, wood workers use carbide for just about everything.
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            OK from the bottom up-lol. The blades this size are only in hss and I hope it is better than some of the cheap bits you get nowadays! They are 1/16 thick x
            1/2 wide x 13" long so not much room for carbide, they have 2 positioning holes which don't match mine but I have a Grizzly 3616 milling machine which needs some use. Sending them out might be an option as there is a sharpening shop just over the state line which I will check out. The Scary Sharp method intrigues me if I can find long enough sand paper. Thanks gang for the suggestions!


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              I've just bought this Wuidart planer blade sharpener on eBay - yet to see how it works in practice as it's yet to arrive:



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                im#2. Make a jig to hold the blades at the correct angle( if a little bit off it's OK, after the first sharpening they match) and sharpen them lengthwise with the surface grinder. I sharpen both carbon steel and carbide( or carbide like Chinese) edged blades. For the carbide I change to a "green wheel". Make light grinds or you will burn the blades.


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                  Have you looked at youtube? Done a google on sharpening planer blades? seems to be a lot of fairly specific approaches there on cursory look.....
                  I like Der Ami's approach but with a milling machine the jig could hold them such that the long part of the cutting taper is parallel to the table, then
                  a small cup grinding wheel held in the milling head could be run down the length of the blade. 1/16" is pretty thin and bendy but HSS steel is
                  not something you can easily make a new hole in. An EDM would be the way to go there. Some carbide bits will cut HSS, but breakage is $$ &
                  common, especially with small diameter bits that want to be run at 3-5k rpm. (bit not the blade).


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                    Click image for larger version

Name:	Planer blade fix.jpg
Views:	23
Size:	84.3 KB
ID:	1874801Here is one I made for the Parks Planer blades . used with a surface grinder