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  • AutoCAD LT 2017

    I hope I'm not in the wrong place.

    I've tried this program and like it's utility. I dont need or want 3D capability. The interface is quickly learned, straightfoward, and relatively easy to modify to my choice.

    I have reservations about Autodesk though.
    You cant simply buy the program any lease it for different rates depending on the length of the lease.
    I dont like that.
    That may work for a business model but I'm using it at home for my own use.

    Does anyone here use LT with this lease purchase arrangement?
    Is it working OK?
    Can you run it from an external drive and use it whereever you go?

    I tried to get answers at Autodek but itsa a monster...I could even figure out which forum to ask the question. When I fianlly did the VERY FIRST reponse was a smart a##ed comment; just like I expected.
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    Try Draftsight (free)--about the same capability and the price is right!
    Old Autocad (since v.5 dos) user.


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      Yessir...I'll check it out. Thanks!


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        Originally posted by bjmh46 View Post
        Try Draftsight (free)--about the same capability and the price is right!
        Old Autocad (since v.5 dos) user.

        I installed it (Draftsight 64) last night. The first time it opened I was actually shocked at how much the interface looks like LT2017.
        But the program quickly locked up on me 3 I'll try and figure out what the problem is this week.
        If I can get it to stabilize, this looks like it may be an excellent alternative.
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          from their website...

          Free version does have some minor bugs in user settings etc


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            So far, so good; I'm very happy with its function!


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              Hi Mudnucs!

              I've used Draftsight since it first came out--both windows, and linux versions. The only complaint I ever really had, was that they make it so da**ed convoluted to set up your on-screen toolbars and menus (compared to autocad). Just make sure you export a copy of your profile whenever you make changes so that you can duplicate the customization if needed. At one point, I recall (I think v. 2015) they had severe mouse stability problems on older computers which made the program unusable. These seem to be resolved in the current version.

              Not only is the interface extremely close to Autocad, you can use most of the commandline stuff as well. (old habit for me since I started with like version 5 acad running in dos). I have a mental "setvar" checklist that I go thru for each new installation, and it's almost verbatim what I used to use with acad.

              If you look around, there are several more good autocad clones available for free if Draftsight doesn't quite do it for you.



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                Thanks again bjmh! This program works every bit as well at ACad LT as far as I can see.
                A couple minors problems in how to change the interface but the tools all work the same.
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                  I have been using Draftsight for about 3 or 4 years now. Just occasional use. Before that I used AutoCad 2000. While I liked Autocad better, Draftsight meets my needs. For me, the only drawback to Draftsight is the requirement to re-register every 6 months.



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                    Draftsight has stopped the free version. Any other choices.

                    [John; AutoCAD2000LT]


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                      They seem now to charge by the year, a hundred bucks per year.

                      IMO the "rent" idea stinks, although one may end up paying that as new OS' come out and old programs fail to work on the new OS so you need to buy new again.

                      Keep eye on ball.
                      Hashim Khan