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Chromium Copper (Cu18200) Turning

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  • Chromium Copper (Cu18200) Turning

    Everyone knows copper sucks to machine, but I have to turn small parts out of it. I can find some general feeds and speeds for it, but I need the parting face to also look decent but can't find any grooving or part-off feeds and speeds.
    Can anyone give me advice on turning Copper 182 in general, and especially with grooving and part-off?
    The parts are 0.25" OD and about 0.5" long. I'm trying to use this to part-off:

    Thank you.

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    I can't give you any specifics on cutting off copper, just suggestion. Copper is "sticky" stuff, getting the chip to roll out of the cut- off kerf without welding will be a big concern. By grinding a small divot ( a tiny pocket shape) on the top of the cut-off blade just a couple of thousands behind the cutting edge, this divot will cause the chip to collapse and be narrower than the kerf. If you look at some of the new high tech carbide insert cut- off tools you will see this geometry.

    Joe B