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    Hi you all, I am a newbie on this forum so bare with me.I have had this old mill for ever and now I am rebuilding/serious cleaning. I have two questions regarding a F30/ Taiwan knockoff mill, (1. How does the quill come apart to service the bearings? (2. While I was taking it apart I notice the spring in the quill handle was missing is there a place to get parts for these machines. I tried the spring for a JET machine but it is smaller and shorter. I have attached a picture of my setup.

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    Contact H & W Machine repair in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Go to their website, tell them what you need. They're nice people and very knowledgeable.You may want to think about sending them your quill for rebuild if you are not experienced in such work.
    Good luck.
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      sarge41 Thank you for your response. You are right the folks at H & W , unfortunately they want $600, which is out of my budget.


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        Are you saying they wanted $600 for a spring?

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