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    Im looking for some advice - I recently purchased a very nice Sioux 10" pedistal grinder that I plan to use for general shop grinding What would be good wheels to put on this machine for general grinding and where should I look to get them- thanks they are 10'"x 1" wide with a 3/4" bore
    There seems to be enough spindle to easily go to an inch and a quarter wide wheel would that be advised? Also wondering a bout what grits to get.
    Thanks Paul
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    Turntops: I would look for something near 36 grit wheel designed for such work and maybe 120 grit for the other to sharpen tools. Follow the recommendations from suppliers for general purpose work.


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      Yep, if you have only one grinder, you'd have an A36 on one side, and the other side would be the one you interchange other wheels on. Right now the other side of one of my grinders has a wire brush wheel, and I use it for de-burring, but I'll change it out when I want to put a buffing wheel on, or a green silicon carbide wheel for sharpening cemented carbide tools.
      on dressing the wheel, I like to use a diamond grit T-shaped dresser. They're real cheap but work very quickly and make a LOT of dust. Some people say the finish they put on the wheel is too smooth and lets it get clogged quickly. That might be true, and I have a spur type dresser too that I might use if I think the wheel is getting loaded up too often.